Antarctic Intermediate Water formation in the Southeast Pacific
APEX Profiling Floats


Principal investigators: Lynne Talley and Teresa Chereskin, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UCSD
Overview: AAIW profiling floats


Two websites contain the information for the AAIW APEX profiling floats:
  • Primary data acquisition site: University of Washington
  • Processed and plotted data: Scripps Institution of Oceanography (this site)

    We have deployed 3 APEX-SBE profilers with oxygen sensors to provide background profile context for the AAIW formation experiment. The floats are parked at 500 dbar and alternately profile from 500 dbar and 1800 dbar to the surface every 5 days.

    The first figure shows the current position of the floats.

    In the table,

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  • for a more comprehensive set of plots, click on "28nn SIO"
  • for link to original data, click on "28nn UW"


    AAIW APEX Profiling Float Data


    Float problems:
    Float 2849: March 10, 2007, float is effectively beached. Stopped reporting May 4, 2007 after 86 profiles.
    Float 2848: September 25, 2007, float stopped reporting after 117 profiles.
    Float 2827: May 21, 2008, float stopped reporting after 165 profiles.

    Potential Temperature Profiles
    Potential Temperature Contours
    Salinity Profiles
    Salinity Contours
    2827 SIO
    2827 UW
    End 05/21/08
    2848 SIO
    2848 UW
    End 09/25/07
    2849 SIO
    2849 UW
    End 03/10/07


    This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. OCE-0327544.