Home: Antarctic Intermediate Water formation in the southeast Pacific.

August 24, 2005:
We are now on station 9. The coldest deepest mixed layers were on stations 6 and 7 (about 400 m) . The mixed layer at Station 8 was warmer and less deep. I considered turning back at station 8 but it seemed a little early and a little close to the coast. Decided to proceed to 9 to see how it looked. Stations 1 to 5 did not have deep mixed layers. But given your info. from sst, seems like it might be the place. I am going to calculate waypoints to steam a box centered on 7, our deepest ML. Depending on this station data (9), I will head back. (T. Chereskin).

August 26, 2005:
Currently, we are at
58 41.5673 S 76 55.6142 W, station 14
We crossed the edge of the SAF with XCTD 4, 1/2 hour steam north of the station. Confirmed in ADCP, TSG, CTD. Deep mixed layers until we crossed. I thought the TSG showed slight increase in surface salinity, just from looking at the strip chart plots. South of the front/in the front, crossed gradients in mixed layer temperature, mixed layer is shallower, and there looks to be interleaving.
Deepest mixed layers are about 450-460 m.
Here are the box (diamond) waypoints:
-58.700 -77.000 (14)
-58.133 -77.83 (15)
-57.567 -77.000 (13)
-58.133 -76.17 (16)
-58.700 -77.000 (14)