Descriptive Physical Oceanography: An Introduction (Sixth Edition)

Talley, Pickard, Emery and Swift
Elsevier, 2011

Corrected figures

Figure 1.2 (Time-length scale schematic) (Tsunami frequency now correctly indicated as minutes to hours) fig1.2_timelength_nov2014revised.pdf

Figure 4.17a (Worthington volumetric TS) (small cosmetic correction to remove original title and page number from Pickard-Emery 5th edition) fig4.17a_from7.20a_worthington_allts_EPO82_oct2014.pdf

Figure 9.1b (South Atlantic circulation: direction of anticyclonic Zapiola Rise eddy corrected): fig9.1b_satl_topomap_abyss_gray.pdf

Figure 11.1b (Indian Ocean circulation during NE monsoon; Northeast Monsoon Current label corrected): fig11.1b_indian_topomap_nemonsoon_abyss_gray.pdf

Figure S12.4 (sea ice movement, extra text removed): figS12.4_ssmi_seaice_092311.pdf

Figure S14.8 (Indian Ocean lateral diffusivity from Davis, 2005) (incorrect figure had been placed in supplement) figS14.8_davis_diffusivity_indian.jpeg

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Last modified: November 12, 2014